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About Us

Our Philosophy

Nirvana Café is a social project dedicated to promoting veganism. All our produce is 100% vegan, without any trace elements. We want to be part of the worldwide movement to end and prevent animal abuse and cruelty.
By serving delicious home-made vegan dishes cooked with sunflower oil, we offer a healthy and affordable means to eat vegan and propagate the vegan cause. Variety is an important part of a healthy diet, therefore our chefs create dishes according to the best fresh and seasonal vegetables available. Every day we offer a dish of the day during lunch time, that changes each day, ensuring that our clients are receiving a balanced protein source within their diet. We don’t use any artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers such as MSG (E621), or food coloring within our dishes and organic produce is used whenever possible.
We are working to reduce our ecological footprint by monitoring the waste associated with our business, especially concerning food. This means we cook twice a day according to demand and we make every effort to recycle materials where possible. We are also looking at ways to introduce biodegradable packaging for our take-away and home delivery services (coming soon!).
Besides animal welfare, we believe in fostering social and ethical causes within our business. We fund raise for charity projects and host health, lifestyle and cultural events. We are against racism, pro LGBTQIF and as a sign of respect for future generations, we offer student discounts. We also believe in affordable pricing for all our guests.

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